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      1. LEHVOSS to present innovations based on 125 years of experience at K 2019

        Under the motto “Inspired by technology and innovation – for 125 years”, different business areas of the LEHVOSS Group will present themselves at the leading trade fair with their products and new developments based on 125 years of experience.

        LUVOCOM 3F filaments for 3D printing

        At K 2019, the LEHVOSS Group will present its own product range of 3D printing filaments. Under the name LUVOCOM 3F Filament, four different materials are offered. These are products based on PAHT and PET, two of them are reinforced by carbon fibres. The materials are characterised by a particularly good processability, also in an unheated installation space, freedom from distortion and high strengths, in particular also in the building component.

        To ensure quality standards and a uniform printing quality, the filaments have a certification. The reproducible quality of building components is guaranteed through the co-operation with well-known printer manufacturers.

        At the show, the LEHVOSS Group will present itself with the Ultimaker company, a globally operating manufacturer of 3D printers. Ultimaker presents the most recent generation of machines which are provided with additional aggregates that make serial production even more reliable. The LUVOCOM 3F products are already integrated in the machine software so that the start of printing is significantly facilitated.

        In this way, industrial applications including serial manufacturing, are today possible through 3D printing in the FFF process and offer a technical and economic alternative and supplement to injection moulding.

        LUVOCOM 25 – Compounds for metal substitution in automotive applications

        The LUVOCOM 25 product line is based on ForTii Ace, a special class of particularly rigid high-temperature PPA of the polymer manufacturer DSM. Based on this polymer, the LEHVOSS Group offers compounds for particularly demanding applications.

        A first area of application includes all-plastic gearbox selector forks. To advance their development in the entire automotive supply chain, a co-operation has been set up between DSM, CarNaTrix, a company of KOKI Technik Transmission Systems GmbH.

        Within the framework of this partnership materials and component constructions are developed and optimised to allow for new breakthrough systems in the field of gears. A result of this co-operation will be presented at the fair stand with a functioning demonstrator.

        Another co-operation of the LEHVOSS Group with a renowned company supports the further development of the roof systems for automobiles. The partner is Hyundai Advanced Materials (HAM). The co-operation focuses in this field on the elaboration of concepts and the development of customised materials for large-volume injection moulding parts.

        A result of this work is LUVOTECH 3-50154, a compound which combines a proprietary extrusion technology with a blend of PA6 with an amorphous component, flow media and a special flat glass fibre.

        Heat stabilizers for polypropylene and polyamide

        In addition, under the brand name LUVOBATCH, the LEHVOSS Group produces and sells blowing agent, flame retardant as well as additive masterbatches, amongst others systems for stabilizing polypropylene and polyamide for high temperature applications.

        The usage of highly concentrated masterbatches as an alternative to stabilized compound solutions offers the advantage that the dosage can be exactly adopted to the individual needs and requirements of each application. This means significantly more flexibility and often also a cost saving.

        To enable polypropylene to be used in automotive applications, which require higher heat stability, the production of LUVOBATCH PE AO 0077 was developed. For polyamide, the LUVOBATCH team offers the copper stabilized products LUVOBATCH PA HS 9611 and LUVOBATCH PA AO 0043.

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